Hail… of course.

It wouldn’t be Spring in Oregon without a little hail!


Of course the girls then went out and tried to make snowballs (we never made it to the mountains this year and they are desperate for snow) and I didn’t take a picture of that. Ooops! 😯 Just imagine cute girls running about along with the crazy hail. 😉

Crazy hail!

Yikes! Had to turn off the torch and run inside I thought we were gonna be swept off to Oz! Happily, we are still here, everyone just had colder feet from scampering through the hail and icy rivers from all the water coming down at once. 😀

New bracelet on Ebay… and more HAIL!

I just listed a new bracelet over on Ebay. I really like it and I hope that you do too! We also got more hail today! It is hailing so hard that it keeps setting off someone’s car alarm across the street! Heehee… My youngest was fearless and wanted to go out and play in the hail… which she did for oh maybe two minutes! 😀 Anyway, hope your Wednesday is going great!

And then there was the HAIL!

Okay……. this weather is crazy!! Once again, heading out the door to soccer practice and we have a crazy hail storm! 😯 But luckily we had sunshine for practice! 😀