blue is very pretty
I like the color green too
but brown is yucky

Hmmm… maybe the real question is should I be writing any haikus?!

Happy Mother's day!

Mine is off to a great start… I got some wonderful artwork and a few haiku poems…

“Mother’s Day”
Gifts for your mother,
She is totally awesome.
No day is better.

Beadmaker that is great!
Cares for the whole family.
She is just awesome!

Oh and yesterday DH gave me a rented truck driving away full of stuff to Goodwill and then another truck full of stuff to the dump. Now that makes me happy! 😀 Hope that you are having a great Mother’s day if you are a mom… especially if you are my mom!! 🙂

Haiku happiness.

Karate haiku

Punch with a good fist.
Sensei, a black belt master.
You must earn your belt.

Apparently Webkinz does occassionally do something educational! They had some sort of haiku contest and now my oldest can’t stop writing them… I’ll spare you her itchy foot haiku.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a few new goodies so check back if you can!