Birdie buddy?


Hmmm… I somehow think the guinea pig isn’t too happy with this “buddy” arrangement.

End of an era…

Each of my kids has had a guinea pig. Pepper, who was picked out by my youngest, died yesterday. It was kind of sad, they each had a pig and now we are done. Sigh… My youngest wrote this about our cute little guinea pig who squeaked each time we opened the refrigerator… she wanted to remind us that she needed more lettuce. We can only hope that she is at the big lettuce ball in the sky!

Welcome… Pepper!

My youngest decided it was about time that she got her own pet, and since we can’t have dogs or cats due to allergies (major bummer!) we decided on another guinea pig. My older daughter had one when she was younger and it lived about 3 years. We have been without a pet for about a year… So now it is time to welcome… Pepper! 😀 It was worth it just to see how excited and proud #2 was to pick him out and name him all by herself! Pretty cute. Anyway, hope you are having a great weekend!!