Binding it up.

I sewed on the binding… with only inches to spare. Whew!

Quilting has begun.

It has been decided! Now that I’m turning 50 I’m finally old enough to have my quilts sent out to be quilted. I have to admit… I don’t like machine quilting. I might give hand quilting another try but really, I do want some stuff to get finished and I’m not sure hand quilting will help with that. So yay for you wonderful machine quilters who I am going to help employ after I finish this last one. 🙂

Hexagons in progress.

I have gotten all the rows sewed together, now I’m on to the zigzag seams… woohoo! 🙂

glorious hexagons block 247

I finally made enough blocks to start putting the quilt together. Yay! I am sewing my hexies together by machine, I’ve taken out all the paper and I’m ready to get it finished. 🙂

glorious hexagons 126

Are you sick of looking at my hexies yet? I’m kinda sick of looking at them so you must be. I’m chugging along, I have more than 126 made… You can see many of them together here. I feel so close to being done so I’m just trying to power through. 🙂