Geocaching as a family.

Have you heard about this geocaching? My friend was telling me about it and I thought it sounded like a good excuse to get the kids out hiking. You find a “treasure” to hunt for from the website, then you take a few trinkets to trade for some that you might find at the destination, and you are off! So a few weekends ago I sent DH and the girls out only to have them come back empty handed and sad. What? I said. You really couldn’t find it?! This would not do.

I decided that since DH is having a birthday soon that he should upgrade his GPS setup so we could make this work. After I gave him his gift early and I let him enjoy installing the oh so user friendly software (not!) we were ready to go. We loaded up with our two iPhones and our new Triton GPS (which would be awesome if it really was pink!) and we set out to find this treasure of trinkets. Happily I ignored the crying, whining, and light rain (really… we are Oregonians!) and I got everyone to hike up to the spot. Woohoo! We found it. Yeah! We traded in our temporary tattoo for the bouncy ball that was in the metal tin and everyone was happy. 🙂

Really, I would have to say it was pretty fun to do it as a family, and the GPS did make a difference. The phones only help on streets. Once you leave the road the GPS can kick in to help narrow down the location. We already have our next treasure picked out.