Sunriver for the holiday weekend.


We went to Sunriver over the weekend and of course there was hiking. We went to Todd Lake to walk around. Dude got in the freezing water… what else is new?


It was beatiful and there were tiny frogs were everywhere! The girls thought that was awesome.


It was an easy hike (my favorite kind) and a great way to get out of the house and away from too much slacking. It was vacation though… so no guilt. 🙂 Now everyone heads off to school… sigh… we have had a great summer and I’m sad that it is over.

West Eugene Wetlands of course.

Today I was lucky enough to go with the third graders to the Wetlands. We walked about checking out a little nature here… a little nature there… We saw this lone baby mallard duck in one of the vernal pools. (See I was paying attention! Vernal… of or pertaining to Spring.) Everyone was quite concerned about the the duckie… we’ll keep our fingers crossed that she makes it!

Then we played the “web of life” game. You know we are all connected right?! I got to be a tree frog that apparently only exists to be eaten by blue herons. Oh well. All in all, a nice morning with the youngins! 😀

Beads are up!

New beads have been added to my store. I have a lot of jewelry this week… maybe you need a gift for yourself?! Anyway, I’m off to get my car fixed and I’ll be back later to check emails. Thanks as always for stopping by my site!!

Princess woes.

Apparently even a princess can have a rough day… This was drawn by my seven year old… Should I be concerned? Hmmm…

Beads tomorrrow as always. I’ll have some jewelry, some holiday, and even some frogs… 😀

YOJ – Frog Necklace

Oh I love this necklace! I kept meaning to make a necklace and then finally one was ordered and I got a chance to play with the links and even a frog! Lots of fun I think. 😀

Remember the frogs?

I have not made a frog in forever! I found an old set and thought maybe I should make a few… I think that they are pretty cute, don’t you?! I’ll have LOTS of pink tomorrow, along with some boro, and a few other goodies I’m sure… 😀 Stop by my store Tuesday morning to see the latest!!