Boppy Blue earrings

Boppy? Blue, for sure, but boppy? I’m so bad at coming up with titles for my shop items. 😯 They are cute though… the blue are matte transparent so they look kind of etched which I like.

Sorta Salmon Earrings

Maybe not the best color description but it is what came to mind! I love this color, tan but not really. Maybe I should have called them “Not Really Tan”… 😉 Next time. It is almost a neutral to me, I’d wear these with anything.

YOJ – Purple Boro Fringe

Another fringe bracelet… this time I used some of my large boro beads and I love it! I was trying to pack the fringe so tight that they sort of look like beaded beads in between the boro. It is lots of fun to wear! 🙂 You can find it in my store here if it strikes your fancy!

YOJ – Beaded Beads Galore

Did you wonder if I took any beads to Maui? As a matter of fact I did! 😀 I spent the week making these (and other) beaded beads. I have to say I found it very relaxing to make them and I was quite delighted with how well the beaded beads matched this set that I just had sitting on my desk!