Jackhammer party!

Okay now I really do need to rent one! Apparently it is fun for the whole family! 😀

Why my friends rule!

Really… does the photo even need an explanation?! Aren’t my friend the coolest? Don’t YOU want to rent a jackhammer? 😀

Summer is off to a good start.

My friend just got a pool for the summer and even though it wasn’t that warm today (only about 70… eek!) everyone jumped right in and swam about. Of course mine are the goggle girls… 😀 What a great start to summer!

Girls weekend of fun.

The Coast trip was a great success! It was filled with lots of shopping and apparently a little gambling… None of us had ever gone to and Native American Casino so we had to check it out. I think we walked out winners after having spent a total of about $15 between the five of us. Something we can now say we did and none of us really feels the need to return. I’m glad that I have such great friends!! Oh and such a great Dude for watching the wee ones while I was away… 😀

Headin' out of town!

Tomorrow a few of the gals and I are heading over to the Coast for a little time away… Someone (who clearly had cute pics of themselves as a child) wanted us to all share photos from our youth… eek! Then the photos started flyin’ in emails and I just had to share with everyone! Heehee… Can you guess which one is me?! 😀

Roloff Madness!

Okay, my friend drove 2 hours up to Portland (and 2 hours back) to visit the Roloff’s farm… you know, the “Little People, Big World” family. You can tell which one my friend is because she has the biggest smile! She was so giddy to meet them… 😀 Hey… next year she better take me and my kids, they would have LOVED it!

Beer in the mountains.

My friend just got a new truck and came over to invite me to go get beer with her and drink it in the mountains… because isn’t that what you do in Oregon with your new truck?! 😀 We controlled ourselves… heehee… (Really she got her truck to haul quads in so her family can live dangerously on the dunes… she plans to drag me and my kids along as well. Hmmm… after skydiving will it be exiting enough?! 🙂 )

It was a great day!

After a busy day we went and watched fireworks on the river. My kids got to stay up super late and had a blast… Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well. 😀