I love summer.


No schedule, hanging out with the family, just enough sunshine… it’s been a nice to be home.

Flowers planted


Just a few annuals to brighten up the courtyard near my studio. Hopefully I can keep them alive! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dude got me these lovely flowers… and he was nice enough to share his candy with me. Of course this last piece is his!

Okay, I might have given him the candy early and we’ve been eating it all weekend! What can I say, we both love See’s buttercreams…

And of course I had to get my fancy nails set for today! Hope you find some sweetness in your day!

I didn’t forget.

I went to pick up #2 from school and she had scheduled herself a playdate which meant I was walking home solo… unless you count her crap, i.e. backpack, lunchbox, etc. as my companions. 🙂 Anyway I did remember to smell the roses as I walked home, and of course I even snapped a few pics.

Oh and I didn’t forget that it is my one year anniversary for Jazzercise! Woohoo!

Pink Spring Flowers

I just added these pretty pink flowers to my photoblog. I’ve been taking lots of pics these days, I just seem to run out of energy at the end of the day when it comes time to share… Hopefully with summer around the corner and a more flexible schedule I’ll get back on track. 🙂 Hope you have some sunshine in your neighborhood today…

Crocus Painting

I just finished this painting… I was working on it for quite awhile and I just looked at it again after a few months and I decided it looked finished! 🙂 That is the thing about painting, it can go on and on… so I decided to call it done and share.

Tropical Flower

Sheesh… I thought that I would have jewelry to share but not yet… How time does fly, especially when DH is trying to meet a deadline and is never home, sigh…

I'm all alone!

And lovin’ it! 🙂 My family has gone to the Coast for the weekend so I can putter about in silence. I’m playing with some of the photos that I took in California. I want to make a gallery for those too… oh and catch up my YOJ gallery… oh and finish my book… oh and where does all the time go?! Sigh. 😀