Back to school… on even ground.


This is a more accurate height photo… shhh… don’t tell my oldest, she would barely even let me take another photo. They are so cute! Even when bickering over who is the tallest. 🙂

School is starting…


It’s the first day of school… I might need to take another photo because the girls are really both the same height, and my youngest might even be a bit taller, but here on the lawn you can’t tell. Not that anyone in our house is fretting over who is the tallest! 😉

Off to school…


Another year… another first day of school. Sigh… I’m sad summer is over.


Of course don’t forget to take the trip down memory lane here.

First day… 2013


Another year… another first day of school. My amazing girls hit it with stride. I was very proud of them. One started middle school and one started high school. I can’t believe they are so grown up! I’ve certainly enjoyed watching it happen. 🙂

Click here for the trip down memory lane.


School has started.

Okay… really my oldest doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, she is helping with sixth grade orientation today which is why she is wearing that t-shirt to school. You can tell though, they are both excited for the new year! As always, this time of year makes me very nostalgic…

Done with first days.

Okay… everyone is off and has successfully made it to their first day back at school! Whew… 🙂

One started… one to go…

Of course both of my girls don’t start on the same day… but my youngest had her first day today and it was a success… One more first day tomorrow and then I think I’ll be ready for a big nap! This excitement is just so exhausting. 😀

School is in.

It is a big year… my oldest is starting sixth grade. It is a new school and she gets to navigate the city bus… She is going to do great! Of course my youngest is off to a great year too… decked out in neon pink! 🙂

Here we go again.

It is the start of another school year… We had a great summer and even though I didn’t want it to end I know that the kids would have gotten sick of me and each other soon enough! We’ll all get back into the routine again and summer will be a distant memory. Speaking of routines, I took Tuesday off. I got swept up in enjoying the last few sunny days with my girls and now that they are back in school I’ll be back to the torch. I have been making some cool beaded items which I promise to share later this week. Okay, off to make dinner.

And they are off!

It was the first day of school today… all went well. The time just flies! 🙂

Did you notice I goofed on my email yesterday? I sent it out at 11:30PM instead of 11:30AM… OOPS! Guess I’m still a little bit in vacation mode…