Felted Purse

Ta-dah! I knitted it (twice actually), felted it, then felted it some more to add all of the white dots. 🙂 I’m still not done, it needs beads don’t you think?!

Felt class

Today the girls and I took a felt class here in town. I pretty much knew how to felt, but I thought it might be fun for the girls to learn. We spent all afternoon felting in the class, and then when I said maybe we should take a break and not felt anymore after the class my youngest burst out into tears and begged to keep felting! So here they are, felting away in my messy studio. Hopefully they will stay into it for more than one day, although the supplies are not too expensive. I might even need to bust out some felted/embroidered beads! I just finished another bead embroidery pendant that I need to share… tomorrow I guess. 🙂