Lunch was okay…

The food was okay… but the company was awesome! 😀 Although we miss the other kid. She is at sleep-away camp for two weeks which leaves me and my youngest to get into trouble without her…


Look out… I’m getting the hang of blogging from my phone. I’m not sure that is a good thing… we shall see! It is just kinda fun for me. 🙂 I’m getting braver about the whole web deal, I MIGHT even take comments one of these days, call me crazy!

Dude and I had a very nice lunch earlier today, the sun was shining, I’ve taken lots of pics, click the photo below to see the latest addition to my photoblog.

Sweet Creek Falls

We went on a little hike today to Sweet Creek Falls. It was gorgeous! The falls were beautiful and the the trail was super easy to walk, always a bonus in my book! 😀 Of course did the rest of my family stay on the trail? No… It was fine however since I was totally sucked in by the beauty of all the ferns and flowers. I was fascinated by all the different types of ferns and how they all swirled open differently. I just love swirls and it was very cool to see so much natural swirly goodness. I took way took a ridiculous number of photos and I can’t wait to go make some fern beads! 🙂

Should I be concerned?

This drawing certainly caught my eye. It is right out of a tabloid… a princess asking “Do I have to go to jail?” I had to get the whole story from my daughter, the artist… Apparently this girl set fire to some houses when she made homemade fireworks on her 16th birthday and that is why she is asking if she should go to jail. Her crown reads 16 then a heart… because she loves being 16. I asked if the worm is telling her to go to jail and my 6 year old said “no” she didn’t really know who was saying yes… My youngest is getting the chance to draw with a permanent sharpie marker (I know… will I regret this?) and it has her drawing non-stop these days. It is amazing how a once forbidden tool can spark new interest. 😀

Quick trip.

So my family is having some health issues and as a result I needed to pop down to see them this weekend. It was great to go home so near to Christmas which is something I have not done it quite awhile. I was very happy that I got to spend time with them and check out their holiday digs… Christmas is most definately about family and I am quite lucky that my family rules!


So we had another little family adventure. The kids were feeling better so we went up to OMSI, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. They have this crazy exhibit right now with real human body specimens to show just how insane our bodies are. Wow! Who knew we had so much going on inside. 😀 The drive up was a little rocky as one of the girls got a little queezy, but we regrouped and had a fine time. We saw the body exhibit, checked out a few experiments and of course we took the submarine tour which was pretty interesting. (Dude was totally diggin’ it!) It was a fun day and I’m glad we went. 🙂


Lego Tournament

Well yesterday was a surprising success! My oldest went to the mall and by chance entered a lego contest and she won second prize and got $20! Woohoo! 😀 She was so excited! She promptly went and spent the $20 on a Tamagotchi game for her DS. Hmmm… is it bad that both my kids can’t keep their Tamagotchi’s alive and somehow mine is going strong… what does that say about me?! Heehee. 🙂

House of girls.

So DH wanted to use an Erector Set with the kids because he had one when he was young, so of course he he got some fancy set and he uses it with the girlies. You know, we all had our vision of what we’d do with our kids, somehow I doubt DH thought he’d be builiding dog wheel chairs with ’em, but he is a good sport and of course he joined in. Somehow he and my oldest researched this and found the photo below and had to make one for some of the stuffed dogs in our house. 😀 Gotta give ’em creativity points anyway!

Coloring daze…

When I was a kid I loved to color. My favorite coloring books were called Altair Designs and I can just remember coloring for hours on end. I also loved those “How to Draw” books and I used to be able to draw a pretty decent Benjamin Franklin. 😀 (We had a book called “How to Draw the Presidents.” Heehee…)

A misty Coast.

We went to the Oregon Coast for the weekend and it was lots of fun. Not much sunshine, but that didn’t stop the girlies from running amok in the ocean. 😀