In Cahoots?!

Apparently all my heating apparatus are in cahoots to fail together! A few days ago it was my kiln, and now the heater on my aquarium went crazy and boiled a few fish. 🙁 Sigh… Oh well, we still have a few survivors, the hardiest of the bunch that we have had from the beginning! I was totally ready to throw in the towel and give up on my tank but I decided not to be a quitter and just ask for more fish for my upcoming birthday. Hopefully my new Stealth heater (doesn’t it look sturdy and reliable? One can only hope right?!) will do its job and keep my fish happy.


I just got this fish! How cool is he? Did I ever mention my little aquarium “incident” where a $4 fish at all my expensive beautiful fish? Sigh… I finally feel brave enough to purchase fish again. The “incident” as we refer to it, was quite upsetting to my family and my wallet. For the last three months we have had a 40 gallon aquarium with only three little fish in it. This weekend however, the local fish store was having a sale so I decided to be brave and get this guy. How cute is he? Wish me luck that he survives! I’m feeling optimistic! 🙂

I added two…

Okay, so I didn’t add these two, but I did add two fish to my aquarium today. The clownfish is new and even though I begged my children to name him Nemo, they insisted on Mandarin Candy Cane… Although it is a clever name, I will not remember it by tomorrow… So far we have Silver, Moonlight (above), Banana Blueberry, and Mandarin Candy Cane. They need to take pity on dear ol’ ma and make it simple! 😀 Oh well, I don’t call them by name, I just like to watch them swim about…


Okay… so I love fish! I have always wanted a big saltwater aquarium… and now we have one. A whopping 38 gallon aquarium! I know, I went a little crazy, go big or go home right?! Oh well… I just saw all those pretty fish and I want one of each. 😀 Anyway, We have a little Green Chromis Damselfish like in the photo above, and we also have a little Cardinalfish which I can’t find a photo to share. I’ll have to take my own photo tomorrow, the aquarium is in the girls bedroom and they are “sleeping” right now. Actually I can hear them chatting non-stop about the fish, but hopefully the soothing sound of the filter will help then nod off soon! Anyway, that was my exciting day, measuring salinity and trying to keep water off the carpet! 🙂