New beads are up!

Beads are up! Click on over to to see the latest! The top set in this photo is a new design that takes forever to make… but I love it so much I went ahead and made a few. Hopefully you guys like it too!

Okay… yes, my youngest gave me this hint to get on with dinner… I am happy to see that even though she is thinking of eating pizza, she is decked out in her stylish beads! Good job! Off to cook… I mean order dinner. 😀

‘Tis the season…

Yes… my youngest knows how to work it, but really who doesn’t want a Santa sorry this time of year?! It will carry my through any future grinchyness that might arise in our household. I love that she puts everything in writing, it makes it so easy to save and share.

Hmmm… I need to get some of my older daughters drawings up here. (Not apology drawings mind you, lets keep those at a minimum!) Maybe over winter break she can whip some up for me, she is so busy with middle school that she doesn’t have time to draw like she used to… sigh…

So we went to the doctor…

So my youngest has a stye. We thought it was a stye and apparently we should have looked it up on the web before we went to the doctor because after waiting for almost an hour the treatment is… hot compresses. Hmmm… probably shoulda just known that but DH was like take her in, get it looked at, so I did. Anyway, I fell asleep in the waiting room while sitting up in an uncomfortable chair. That can’t be good. I did get this awesome drawing from my daughter. She actually waited very nicely, but everyone has their limits. Luckily there were no pitchforks nearby… or as she called it… a trident. We just saw The Lightning Thief of course. Anyway, we are hot compressing away and hopefully her eye will be on the mend soon! I’ll be back tomorrow with new beads so check back!

Valentine’s Day

What really matters on Valentine’s Day are the cards from my family of course! 😀 Dude did a good job and got me a very nice necklace… okay, I got myself a nice necklace and put his name on it. 😉 Whatever right?! Happily I don’t need him to prove anything and it is a good excuse to justify a new $15 purchase. Gotta love those Hallmark holidays!

Beads in the Mart!

I can’t believe a week has gone by and I didn’t update once! I tell ya’, school is almost out, I’m obsessed with shopping carts and there are just not enough hours in the day. And now a new season of Top Chef has to be squeezed in… sheesh… 😀 I’m sure somehow I’ll manage. Take a peek at the latest if you have a minute. Happy Tuesday, oops! I mean Wednesday! Wow, I AM late!!

Earring obsession continues!

Really, what could make a mom more proud? Both my kids are sketching jewelry designs. My youngest, who just got her ears pierced, is of course stuck on earrings. My oldest, who is playing lots of Animal Crossing with me these days, is stuck on argyle because she just bought a new argyle dress for her character in the game. I think that it is all just too cute so I had to share. 😀

Fish mania continues…

So my kids have jumped on the fish bandwagon with me. Remember how I mentioned I was playing Fish Tycoon? Well now we are all playing it and I found the above chart where my oldest is trying to figure out how to breed one of the magical fish breeds… Hmmm… maybe she is on to something! Ha! Okay, gotta go check my tank!

I love my kids.

So I’m cleaning up the dining room table and I find this piece of art… and it just makes me smile. Where do they get their ideas?! 🙂

Princess revisited.

So I asked my youngest about her previous princess drawing and she was quite irritated that I was curious about the chains… so I let it go. I did ask if she could draw me a happy princess and above is the drawing that I got. She told me that the princess is happily drinking wine and chatting to the prince. So I asked about the boy in the drawing, and she said he is NOT happy because no one is talking to him… I guess not everyone can be happy in any one drawing… What is a mother to do? Probably just go drink more wine! 😀