Another Don?

It’s winter break at our house, I thought hey I’ll get another coffee on my walk, and I was “Donned” again. I think next time I’ll just say Sunrise. 😉

One more Don

Of course we couldn’t end the year without one more Don from Starbucks. Do you know any female Don’s??

Today I’m John


What a surprise… Of course it isn’t… the surprise is what name will I be next?!

Name roulette

You just never know who you are at Starbucks! Apparently today I was Judy… 🙂 She was so confident I was Judy she didn’t even ask my name… and then she told my friend she can always remember me because of Judy Moody… what does that even mean? Oh well, it was quite funny and my frappacino still tasted great!

Afternoon treat

Format Image


Dude had never had a frappacino so we had to get him one… I think they wrote Don, but they called out Ron. It’s name roulette!! 🙂