Name roulette

You just never know who you are at Starbucks! Apparently today I was Judy… 🙂 She was so confident I was Judy she didn’t even ask my name… and then she told my friend she can always remember me because of Judy Moody… what does that even mean? Oh well, it was quite funny and my frappacino still tasted great!


Dude had never had a frappacino so we had to get him one… I think they wrote Don, but they called out Ron. It’s name roulette!! 🙂


Apparently today I wasn’t Don… but Duvon… hmmm… 😉


Really?! Don?! Don’t I look like a Dawn? I only mention it because you’d be surprised at how often it happens… and I go to this Starbucks rather often!! And really?! It is June 7th? How did that happen? I’ve been taking a bit of a break from melting glass which I guess translates into a break from the computer as well. I just added about four posts that I mentally blogged… but apparently didn’t actually post! Oh well… I have been enjoying my slower schedule. I’ve been knitting lots (which is no interest to you if you come here looking for glass… sorry… but hey, start knitting too!) and I’ll have pics sometime this week of my latest socks. I’m also going to join in the Loopy Ewe’s knitting camp! Yeah! (Any excuse to buy yarn right?!) I thought it was a little silly so I was just going to do it and not mention it to anyone but as Dude pointed out, it is a perfect project for me. A group activity that I get to do alone! 🙂 Right up my alley. Ha! That Dude is so wise…