delilah block 5

Yikes this one was tricky! Too many reverse images for the templates. Next time I am making a template for each piece!

design squares

The Delilah organizer over at my LQS is so smart! She found these on the web and told us they might be helpful in piecing our Delilah quilt. They are of course awesome. I don’t know how many times I have lost a piece of fabric from a block as I make piles to sew in my studio. This is a great way to keep everything in order, which I love to do. Also, I just happened to have all the materials lying around my house to make these design boards. Whipping them up was very satisfying. 🙂


So I started a new project, Delilah by Jen Kingwell. I love the quilt and I love the song which means it was meant to be. Not to mention my LQS is one of the many making the templates available via a BOM program so of course I had to participate! 🙂

So far… I’ve starched my fabrics. The next blocks are available on May 15th so I better get busy. I just want to say, however, that I did manage to overcomplicate the starching process! I wanted to make my own starch since the cheap stuff is so stinky and the non-stinky starch is so expensive. A friend from my LQS told me that I could starch my fabric with methyl cellulose. Per my friends instructions I dissolved about 1/2 tsp. in 24oz. of water and it worked like a charm! It is quite economical and so now I am starching up a storm. Woot. Next I just need to start sewing up a storm. 😉