I was in the sew zone.

I was busy working on my Delilah blocks and I lost track of time. I had to run out of the house very behind schedule…

These are the shoes I grabbed to workout in. Whoops! Happily I lift weights so I was able to workout in my socks. Apparently turning 50 has it disadvantages too! 🙂

delilah block 12

Hope everyone finds time to sew even with all the holiday fanfare! Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

delilah block 8

Really it is block 8-ish. 🙂 I’m chugging away on lots of projects and forget to take photos, but I do like to throw them up on the web because it helps me feel like I’m getting stuff done. Woot!

delilah block 6

Now that my sewing room is all tidy I can finally sew! 🙂

delilah block 5

Yikes this one was tricky! Too many reverse images for the templates. Next time I am making a template for each piece!