Coast on Sunday.


Family day trip to the Coast. My family lost me twice… how does that even happen? There was no cell service and they couldn’t stay together without a phone. Pfffft.

Lighthous pics

Here are all the fabulous details of our two day Coast trip…click the pics!! We hit every lighthouse (and yarn store) between Newport and Florence.

My daughter even saw the private lighthouse Cleft of the Rock as we drove by. It isn’t open to the public so we didn’t try to stop and see it, but that means she really did see them all! Yeah! Oh and my favorite yarn store was Yarn for all Seasons near the Aquarium. It is right there as you drive out so you might as well stop… right?! 🙂

Coast video

Can you believe that I made this video on my phone? Crazy! Want a great video editing app for your iPhone? I highly recommend Splice. It is much more intuitive than iMovie and i love how easy it is to edit the audio.

Our weekend at the Coast.

It was a great weekend of relaxing and eating too much. I don’t know how we are going to get back into the normal routine…

Girls weekend of fun.

The Coast trip was a great success! It was filled with lots of shopping and apparently a little gambling… None of us had ever gone to and Native American Casino so we had to check it out. I think we walked out winners after having spent a total of about $15 between the five of us. Something we can now say we did and none of us really feels the need to return. I’m glad that I have such great friends!! Oh and such a great Dude for watching the wee ones while I was away… 😀

A misty Coast.

We went to the Oregon Coast for the weekend and it was lots of fun. Not much sunshine, but that didn’t stop the girlies from running amok in the ocean. 😀

Keep on truckin’…


Just busy chasin’ girlies and makin’ beads. 😀 I should have some smaller sets in a day or so with lots of flowers too! Stay tuned if you need some cute beadies!! I came across this from our last trip to the beach, I already want to go back… sigh… Anyway, I hope that all is well in your neighborhood!!

Made it home.

We made it back safely. It was a great trip. Watching your family run amok on the beach is just the best, I feel very fortunate…

I’ll have new beads tomorrow… 😀

It was cold!!

You see the balmy beach scenes of the Oregon Coast on a hot August day! Sheesh! I knew it would be colder, but it was rainy and chilly!! Oh well, as you can see my girls are true Oregonians and didn’t care a bit! 😀 Mike Crowley is the best, he whipped my kiln into shape and I am OH SO HAPPY!! Heehee… Hope you had a great day too!!