Michael Barley class

So… apparently the glass school couldn’t get enough students for the Loren Stump class that I signed up for… 🙁 as a result it was canceled. Happily however, Michael Barley is in town and I get to take his class next weekend. Yeah! 😀 There might still be room in the class so sign up if you can!!

Loren Stump class

I did it! I signed up to take Loren’s class. If you are going to be near Eugene in early November take it with me! 🙂

It was great!

It was such a great class! My friend Sheri and I had a blast. Kristina is an awesome teacher and it was really a delight to hang out with her for two days, I wish the class was a week long! I have so many ideas floating around in my head… Of course I’ll have a few new sets tomorrow in my store so check back! 😀

Kristina Logan class

Oh I just love to watch professionals melt glass… they make it look so easy! This weekend I am lucky enough to take a class with Kristina Logan and it is has started off very nicely! I can tell when it is over on Sunday I am going to be sad!

Kim rules!! I'm in love with flowers.

Oh I have only glowing things to say about Kim Fields. She was a wonderful teacher and she had so much to share that we all left totally inspired to make some floral beads. Even though the class was all day Saturday and all day Sunday I still was excited to spend the day today making some glass bouquets. I hope they turn out cool… you will have to stop by tomorrow to see! 😀 I’ll have new beads in the morning as usual so check back!!

Boro Madness… Class with Laurie Copeland

Where to begin?! It was simply an amazing class! I don’t think I have ever had that many class demos or free glass… Woohoo!! I am just in awe of Laurie, she really was an amazing instructor and such a bundle of energy that she just kept inspiring us. I have so many new color combos in my head I just hope I can make them sparkle like she taught us. 😀

WOW! Heather Trimlett Class

I am so inspired by my class with Heather that I can barely stand it! She showed us the super coolest button with murrine technique! Woohoo! I will be making plenty of those so I hope you need some. 😀 I’m a little sad the class is over, I just wanna keep hanging out with glass gals! Not to mention this weekend was the Gem Faire… whoa… bead overload. I hope you found your weekend just as wonderful. 🙂

Class pics…Steph's Spiny Knotted Class

Here are a few pics from my necklace class with Stephanie. Seeing all of her work up close and personal is just so inspiring! I really enjoyed making the necklace and I already have a few ideas for my next one. 😀