Remember my Churn Dash quilt?


Tah-dah! Below is the design that I stared with. Not exactly the same but pretty close! I really like using Electric Quilt to “sort of” design my quilts. I don’t hold fast to what I put on the computer but it gives me a jumping off point which I like.


I only bought fabric for the sashing and the border on this quilt. Yay! I’m loving the scrappy look for using up my… uh… small stash. 😉

Making progress


So I was gonna have someone else quilt it and at the last minute I couldn’t send it off… I tried doing free motion and my machine was acting up so I just went with a simple grid, nothing fancy. 🙂


Churn dash is pieced.


It turned out to be a bit on the wild side… but really would you expect anything else from me?! Now I just need to get it quilted… but I think I’m going to have someone else do that for me because I’ve already started working on another project. 😉

Last bit of dash?

churn dash blocks

I’ve got all 144 six inch blocks made… and guess what I’m doing now? Sashing! When it came time to deal with all those bulky seams I decided sashing would make it all soooo much easier. So I’m adding it. 🙂

churn dash blocks

churn dash blocks

Yearn to churn.

churn dash blocks

I didn’t have any time to sew yesterday! I did see lots of friends though, so that was nice.


I was going to add sashing to these quilt blocks… I even planned it, as you can see in my quilt notes above. ((Gotta use my iPad for something!)) However, the thought of cutting up a bunch of strips just didn’t strike my fancy, not to mention the quilt is already rather colorful! I think I have cut enough pieces to sew the remaining blocks so whippin’ them up should be a breeze. I know sashing can be nice because you don’t need to worry about points matching up, and I know my points won’t all match up… but you know what? Who cares! I’m just going with it. 🙂

Churn, churn, churn.

churn dash blocks

Sun is out today… I went to the early aerobics class and sewed all morning! I love gettin’ stuff done.

Just another dash.

churn dash blocks

Another dash of my churn dash blocks… heehee… these titles are gonna get real old, real fast!

Churnin’ again.

churn dash blocks

It’s a rainy day here… which makes it a perfect day for sewing. 🙂

Another dash


Another dash of the lovable churn dash block. I made all of these today! Suh-weet! 🙂