Half the candy…


First one empty box…


then another! Dude and my oldest apparently can’t savor their candy! 😯 It was a gift so who am I to judge, but that seems like a lot of candy to eat in less than 48 hours!

The big bar

“Did you go to the house with the big candy bars?”
“Oh yeah, we went there!”
It was the talk of the town last night… and everyone was out! I didn’t believe it. I assumed by “big bar” they meant a full sized candy bar… but clearly I was wrong. There was a house handing out these monster candy bars on a silver tray no less… this delighted ALL of the kids!

Candy crafts

This craft was supposed to be for Tuesday when there is no school… but of course she couldn’t wait… nor could they wait to eat it all! Oh well… what’s a little extra candy at Halloween right?!