SEP Camp

We made it home from Sunriver only to have to turn around and send off #1 to her first overnight camp! It’s over night for TWO weeks! 😯 Okay, it is literally three blocks from our house… 🙂 It was very weird to drive over (No one wanted to carry her luggage the whole three blocks! Sheesh!) and drop her off. When I went to sleep away camp as a kid we always had to drive a few hours to get there and we were all exhausted when I got dropped off. This was very different. Everyone was in high spirits and she was so excited! I am sure she will have a great time. She was pushing us out the door as we left… but it is certainly going to be quiet around here!

Basketball camp

This week it was basketball camp at the arena. It was pretty cool… They got to play in the arena and hang out with many of the women’s basketball players. Of course my child sported the mismatched skull socks!

Art camp to kick off summer.

It was another camp at the art museum. It was off to a rocky start but then everyone made friends and fun was had by all. Not to mention we walked over and got frozen yogurt after camp each day… I know… my girls got it rough! These pics were from the final day where the kids get to show off all their hard work for the week. #2 says the water dragon was her favorite piece.

Crazy hair day at camp.

Of course we went all out. I told them to look fierce because the smiling wasn’t working… too early in the morning I guess. Ha! I think we succeeded with the crazy part. 😀

Memory lane

Today the girls are off to camp where they get to cook pizza in a restaurant kitchen. They are very excited! It just happens to also be in the building where they went to preschool so I was feeling quite nostalgic as I dropped them off. I remember them being little (as they are in the photo) and racing down the halls… sigh… They were also recalling lots of memories which was very cute. As we say in our house – savor every sandwich! Time just flies! Okay, enough sappiness, off to a day of fun with my dude. I think we are going to breakfast and an early movie. Enjoy your Monday. 🙂

Art Camp 2009

Another year at camp and another week of fun. Somehow the week just zipped by, okay, really, the year just zipped by! How is it my girls are getting older and I’m not… 😉

Rainy Monday

So it is spring break this week and my girls are once again in art camp. Happily, they love it. We lucked out and got to ride over to camp on our bikes this morning but the rain has arrived and we were not able to ride home… What can I say, I love to bike, just not in the rain! I spent the day on dots and should have lots of goodies tomorrow… 🙂

Art camp 2008

This year my youngest finally got to go… it was a great week and I always love to see how artistic my kids are! 😀

Clay camp continued

So after spending a day making stuff out of clay, we had to go spend over an hour painting it all! Whew… 😀 I was quite surprised at how well all the pieces fired, I thought for sure some of them would end up exploding in the kiln from air bubble, but happily that did not happen.

The last camp.

It is hard to believe that all the camps are over and summer is coming to an end…