New lens

Look out… I just got a macro lens for my phone! I know… it was so crazy I had to try it. I found it here. Either you will see lots of bead pics on the fly or maybe just a nice close-up of what I’m having for dinner. I’ll try to stay on task with the beads but you know how these things go… 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom… you are the best! I found this photo from sometime in the 70’s I’m sure. My mom was a special education teacher so we have all of her school pictures to document just how stylish she was over the years. Look at her necklace… I bet she made it… 🙂

I got a surprise this morning… Dude and the girls got me a wide angle camera lens. Woohoo! Camera fun is always good. I have sort of been whining that I want a fish-eye lens and he keeps telling me that a wide angle will give that effect and be better than some gimmicky lens that can only do one thing. So then of course we spent the morning trying to achieve the fish-eye effect… lots of fun! After that we had a nice family lunch and a walk in the park, all the things a mom wants!

I know… can you believe I’m putting in this pic. I kinda like the artsy quality to it… but it certainly isn’t flattering to my big ol’ nose! Oh well. Thanks family for a great day!!