drawing starts it all…

Below is the drawing I made for these earrings. I wanted to make a big pair to see how heavy they would be and actually they are not too bad.


Bronze stackers

Okay, after much trial and error I have decided that bronze rings are hard to make. The clay shrinks so much during the building process that it is hard to let rings dry and attach properly before they go into the kiln. At least for me… right now… I’m of course still thinking about how to make it work. 🙂 I did manage to make these cute stackers out of bronze.

Hanging heart

Another tiny pendant. This one drops about an inch. I think I’m ready to make something more advanced… Crazy rings here I come. 🙂

Little pearl

This pendant is super tiny, that is a 5mm stone. I’m having fun making tiny things these days… which is ironic because I have so much trouble seeing tiny things. Thank goodness for magnification!

Bronze flower bracelet

So things over here were a bit crazy… but now they have finally settled down. Hopefully this means that I can get back to making stuff. 😀 I whipped up this bronze flower bracelet that is so cute. I love the flower… I will be making more flower bracelets. I loved them in glass and now I love them in metal! And of course I love both my metal and glass together because you know I made five of the beads in the bracelet.


Jewelry is listed!

I just added some new items to the Mart. I am so addicted to bronzclay and I am finally turning out goodies to share. Yeah! There is definitely a learning curve but I’m getting the hang of it! I’m really enjoying playing around with something new. Anyway, hopefully some of the pieces will pique your interest. I know lots of you buy my beads to make your own jewelry but I thought as Christmas draws close maybe you’d like your own gift?! Anyway… I plan on having a few beads next week along with some more jewelry. Maybe even some rings… who knows. Okay, gotta go grab some dinner and get started on a night of chillin’ with the girlies. 😉

bronze clay names

So I think I finally have mastered the bronzclay. It certainly is satisfying when you can make things and they more or less turn out as you had expected. Trust me… I’ve made a few that went awry. I’ve also figured out the plating. I was having a minor issue that was giving me spotty results. Sometimes it worked great… and others, well, not so great. But hooray! Now it always seems to work which is also satsifying. Above is a photo of the names right out of the kiln. Okay, I might have polished them up because they seem rather shiny… and below is a photo of a few with a fine overlay of silver and then antiqued to bring out the texture. In person they are a bit more silver than they appear in the photo…

Anyway, I think I might offer to make names in the Mart. It is quite fun and everyone seems to enjoy wearing them… 🙂

Another bronze clay ring

I’m on a roll. I made the top of this ring from bronzclay, soldered on the shank, and then silver plated the piece. I really love the textures that you can get with the clay but I didn’t want a green finger… hence the addition of silver. Okay, and DH and I really wanted to try silver plating. Although the video that came with our tools was a little scary. Apparently some types of gold plating involve cyanide which needs lots of special care. Don’t think I’ll be doing that any time soon. I’m usually a “Let’s just try it!” kinda gal but with the plating I’ve been very methodical and followed all the directions carefully. Happily it has worked out pretty well.

Okay, off to the Coast for one last hoorah before school so no clay this weekend…