Cookin’ with gas!

Did you know that nymo bead thread is stretchy and fireline isn’t? After making many of these bracelets and getting different lengths even though I used the same number of rows, I finally figured out that the string was my problem. Now I’m getting conistent lengths and so I’m whipping out the bracelets quickly. Woohoo… 🙂

Thanks for a great year!

My youngest had a great teacher this year and this was his gift… He had asked about getting a bracelet earlier in the year for his wife so I felt it was safe to give him jewelry even if it wasn’t for him.

Awesomely awesome cuff!

Are you looking for a new way to wear my troll style beads? Along with your Pandora™, Chamilia™, Biagi™, or Trollbeads™? Here it is! The Awesomely awesome cuff. I love it! It is very comfy to wear and of course you can change out the beads with ease. See those silver beads on the ends? They stay put to hold the designer beads in the center, where you want them! Fun right?! I’ve got one in the Mart now and I’ll have more later next week.

Of course I’m kind of hooked on making the troll style beads again so that I can wear about four of these cuff bracelets at once. If one is good, more is better right? 🙂

Year of Jewely 2009

Somehow it is already February but I still plan to keep up with my Year of Jewelry (YOJ) for 2009! Another year, another 52 pieces… I hope! Check back often to see if I am keeping up on my plan of having a new piece of jewelry to share each week… 🙂

Neutral Whimsy

I love the whimsy in this design which I’ve made in pink before and I think it looks just as nice in neutrals… 🙂

YOJ – Bent Brown Bracelet

Bent Brown Bracelet… say that ten times fast! Ha! I’ve been playing with bent beads, I kinda like ’em. The beads all curve nicely to your wrist which makes the bracelet pretty comfy! 😀

YOJ – Hint of pink bracelet

Requests are keeping me on track with my YOJ (Year of Jewelry) quest! Thanks! 😀 I have a few new ideas which I might try this week… Things are quiet around here for the holiday, no plans other than relaxing! Hopefully I will get a little of that accomplished. School gets out around here June 18th and I am feeling the end of the year push to cram everything in… Sigh… Oh well, soon it will be lazy days of sleeping in… or not. My kids get up at 6am EVERY day. It makes getting to school on time easy, but sometimes I wished we could all be a little more lazy about getting out of bed… the grass is always greener I guess. 🙂

YOJ – Happy Pink

I’m still in love with my smallbeads… 🙂 Isn’t that message bead too cute as well? That was a suggestion and I’m so happy that I got it! I’ve got some fun ideas in the works… I’ve kinda gotten in the habit of making beads late in the day and with this heat that does not work very well. I’m gonna have to adjust my schedule for summer!

YOJ – Cool Brights.

Here is another multi-strand bracelet using my smallbeads. I am really addicted to the smallbeads these days, I think it is because working with them is more like working with pure color… something that I love to do! 😀