Oh this makes me so happy!

So really, new glass alone would make me happy… but when I opened this glass and saw that it was all clearly labeled I let out a little squeal of delight! I usually buy my glass locally and then I try to label each rod myself which generally works out okay, but getting it with such easy to read labels almost makes me think I should just get it all mail order. Oh the little things really do perk up the day! 🙂

Striking boro glass

Did you know that many boro colors are striking colors? This means that I spend lots of time carefully heating each bead in various parts of the flame until I’m happy with the color. In most of the boro that I use, the rods strike because of the metal content in the glass. I need to carefully heat and cool the beads as I make them to allow for crystal growth which changes the color of the glass. Of course none of the rods look like the colors that they strike to… above you can see a bead I made and the rod that I used.

In this bead you can also see a line on it where I laid the clear down to encase it. Sometimes I get this line and sometimes I don’t. It isn’t a crack and I don’t particularly find it to be a problem. The bead is rather organic and this line is just part of the process. I’m trying to “go with the flow” a little bit these days when I make beads, sort of zen with the glass. I think it allows for more surprises (which I love!) and a more relaxing glass session… (which I also love!)   Anyway, that’s my little FYI about striking boro… and why the beads can be a bit more expensive. The rods cost more because they have a higher metal content, the glass takes longer to melt, and it takes forever to fiddle with the beads and get them to strike… but in the end the beads are ohhhh so pretty don’t you think?! 🙂

I’ve got lots of boro roundies coming up tonight at 6pm my time so check the Mart later…

YOJ – Aqua and Silver pendant.

I made this pendant more than a week ago and I finally got it into a necklace. I LOVE it! I have some other fun pieces that I want to set into silver if I can just make the time to do it… I have another necklace almost finished so watch out, I might be catching up on my Year of Jewelry (YOJ) quest! 😀

YOJ – Boro Pendant Madness

So I am really into these large focal pendants. I can’t tell you how much positive feedback that I am getting from wearing mine. They may seem simple… but sometimes simple is just enough, right?! 😀

Oh yeah… I have an auction ending tonight.

I have a cool set of boro beads over on ebay. Check ’em out if you have a minute.

I’m enjoying the reactions that I am getting with boro glass right now. Did you know that those glass colors like Van Gogh, Picasso, Da Vinci, etc. were developed by Abe Fleishman from Northstar. Northstar mostly makes boro color, and this is their line of 104 soft glass.

I guess it isn’t surprising that the silver craze is carrying over into the soft glass since many of the boro colors that are so cool have lots of silver in them too. Right now I seem to have more success with boro than these new 104COE silver colors. I get very mixed results with these soft glass silver colors, one day it all works great, and the next it doesn’t… and of course I find this quite frustrating. I don’t seem to have this problem with boro, it does what I expect each time which is quite nice. 😀 Right now the hardest part with boro is keeping all the rods straight since many of them don’t look anything like what they do in a bead. Anyway, I’m just having tons of fun playing with all kinds of glass as usual! If you can melt it I must try it!!

YOJ – Purple Boro Fringe

Another fringe bracelet… this time I used some of my large boro beads and I love it! I was trying to pack the fringe so tight that they sort of look like beaded beads in between the boro. It is lots of fun to wear! 🙂 You can find it in my store here if it strikes your fancy!

YOJ – Blue Waves Pendant

Oh I just love pendants! I think that they can make a great statement when worn with a simple t-shirt. I really like the caps that I put on this boro lentil bead. I was playing around with a few items in my studio and I like how these caps matched the lentil shape. Makes me want to play with a little metal clay to make more caps as an exact match… just gotta find some time! 😀 Okay, off for a donut run with the girlies! If I get organized I might be back with more YOJ pics later today. Enjoy your Saturday!

My heart.

Here is the boro heart I kept this week. I love the design. I especially love the top half so hopefully I’ll have some like that for next week. The boro frit is just oh so sparkly, I love it! Oh yeah, did you see my newest auction? Some of my best bubble beads I have to say… 😀 I need to make some more!

Bracelet to share.

My blog seems to be back! Woohoo! I have no idea what those boys over at Netfirms were doing but for once it wasn’t me! Really, I didn’t touch anything! Anyway, I thought I’d share this photo before I left on my trip. I love it!! Hopefully you do too because I have lots of ideas running around in my head for more designs. Yesterday I made some fuschia boro beads that are SO yummy! If I weren’t heading outa town I’d be out there making beads right now! Anyway, I’m very proud of the clasp in this bracelet. I soldered all the parts that were in need of some permanent attachment on both the hook and the endcaps. I think it really adds nicely to the bracelet. Well, I better go pack. I leave tomorrow until sometime late next week. I’m driving down to California with my girls while DH stays home to hold down the fort. Wish me luck! I’ll probably need it! 🙂