Birthday party… early of course.


Girls came over, there was cake, fun, movies… the usual. 🙂 Of course my youngest had her party early because we have learned, no one is in town in August!


She made herself this absolutely awesome cake! She is such a good baker. I’m pretty sure it will be gone by the end of the weekend. YUM!


Happy 17


She got dried mangos and was very happy about it! Happy Birthday to a great kid. I’m very proud of you Miss Dani.


Oh yeah, and lets not forget a trip down memory lane. 🙂

Dude Birthday


Happy Birthday Dude!


The girls made him some pottery… We have a pet cockatiel that messes with his allergies which is the sentiment behind this plate. What a nice Dad to endure the allergies so his daughter can have her bird.


TBS… Three bean salad, something that he eats way too often!

Happy Birthday Miz K!


My youngest turned thirteen. Now I’ve got all teenagers… Yikes! Her sister made her this very nice card.


She of course got polymer clay, something she is obsessed with. I need to put up some of her creations, they are great!


And yes, the bird is still around driving me crazy! 😛


Oh… and of course there was an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

Birthday party


We realized if we didn’t have the party this weekend we didn’t know when we’d have it! So holiday or not we got a group together and she made the cake… from scratch! It was quite yummy. 🙂


Double cheesecake


So in the past I’ve gotten no cake… so this year I bought my own, and then they did remember! So now I get double cheesecake! Yum! 😀