I have seven.

I’m truckin’ along… I’ve got seven. I’ve been making them while my children run around in karate. I guess that I need them going to karate more than twice a week. Ha! 🙂 What am I going to do with them? I have no idea, but they are very relaxing to make so I’m just truckin’ on…

Beaded beads today.

So the only new beads that I have to share today are the beaded beads I’ve been making recently. They take forever to make but I like the process. I’ve been trying to whip up (yes, so far I only have two) a few here and there. I’ve got some new jewelry ideas that I hope I will actually finish sometime soon. I’ve been suffering a bit from mental beading… that is where I finish the project in my head and don’t actually feel the need to make it. As you might expect, this isn’t great for a website! Ha! Anyway, I’ll be back on track next week (and many thereafter) with Mart updates. School is almost ready to start again out here and I’ll certainly be back to my routine by then. Enjoy your evening!

YOJ – Beaded Beads Galore

Did you wonder if I took any beads to Maui? As a matter of fact I did! 😀 I spent the week making these (and other) beaded beads. I have to say I found it very relaxing to make them and I was quite delighted with how well the beaded beads matched this set that I just had sitting on my desk!

I did it!

Okay, when following a pattern… it is always a good idea to read the directions! 😀 I kept skipping a row which is why it wasn’t working. Sigh… I just wanted to follow the diagrams, not actually read it all. HA! The text is a little confusing since it tells step by step how to add all 90 beads! 🙂 But isn’t it cute?! It is really small, like only a 1/2″ wide. I LOVE it!! Okay, gotta run…

First one… then the other.

Well of course now the other munchkin is feeling queasy. Sigh… oh well. In a way it has been nice to have quiet time around the house and my littlest is on the mend. Hopefully my older girlie won’t get as sick. Since I have not made beads in MANY days I think I’m suffering withdrawls. 😀 Luckily DH is home today to help so I should be able to sneak out there.

I have been working on some other fun stuff. I want to make a few more bracelets for Ebay soon but I just got a kit I ordered from Cynthia Rutledge and I had to sit down and try to make one of the components. I got her Simply Elemental necklace kit because I just had to know how to make the circle! Okay, each one takes me about an hour… but they do look COOL! Maybe I’ll get quicker. I’ve made four, thrown out the first one and one is a bit wonky, but two came out great. 😀 The instructios are wonderful so I just need to keep pluggin’ along with my size 14 seed beeds. YIKES! 😯 Anyway, I’ll do the free bead drawing shortly. Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday and I hope to be back with an auction tomorrow and beads in the Mart the week… just a few sets on Friday most likely but I’ll keep you posted. 😉