Rhinestone earrings

Okay… I love, love, LOVE these earrings! Can you tell I just want to use a peyote stitch bezel on everything? These earrings drop almost 2 inches and weigh nothing! You know what that means? Four inch earrings are on their way. 😉 Woohoo!

Rivoli necklace

Ummm… maybe you already knew how cool these rivoli beads are?! But I just found them and I’m in love! Okay, really I love all Swarovski beads, components, elements, rhinestones… you name it and I pretty much like it! But now that I’m bezel setting these rivoli’s with seed beads I’m certainly smitten with this design! I just love all the colors!

Red Necklace

Here is a pic of a necklace I made for my mom. 🙂 I made some other gifts but of course I forgot to photograph them…

Teal and black necklace.

I tell ya’ I’m outa control with these cabochons of mine! I made all but the bottom cabochon in this design. (There are a total of seven all together.) I’m having so much fun using them with seed beads because the color options are endless. This necklace took awhile to make but smaller designs go rather quickly. I am trying to work up a tutorial because I want you to be just as addicted as me! Ha! 🙂 Okay, see you at the Mart tomorrow with new goodies, lots of organics.

Beaded bezel in pink.

So I love working with silver and bezel setting my cabs, but I have to say that I find the color choices limited… silver or uh, silver. (Sorry, I’m not brave enough to work in gold yet!) The other day I was looking at some old bead magazines and I saw some beautiful bead embroidery and that inspired me to break out my seed beads. I’m rather pleased with how this piece turned out and I’ve already started the next. I think other than the texture, which I love, I am happy about how light it is to wear. I enjoy making statement pieces, but lets face it, statements in glass can be heavy! The seed beads here are nice and light making them a great match to my handmade glass cabs. I am quite addicted to making cabs these days, maybe I’ll add some to the Mart. Does anyone else wanna try their hand at making beaded bezels? Maybe a tutorial is in order… 🙂