Rainbows galore.

There were lots of rainbows after the cloudy mornings.


It was also pretty windy most days… 🙂 Each morning I went for a walk so I could sit about and do nothing for the rest of the day. I never even put on my swimsuit this trip. (I did mention the clouds right?) We had some very nice family time on this trip. We watched the complete first season of Friday Night Lights and everyone (except me) went to the beach daily. It may not have been sunny all the time but it never dipped below 80 degrees during the day which was nice.

Coast on Sunday.


Family day trip to the Coast. My family lost me twice… how does that even happen? There was no cell service and they couldn’t stay together without a phone. Pfffft.

Dolphin moment

I went for a walk along the Rio Del Mar beach this morning and I saw three dolphins jumping about like I have never seen before! They were splashing and jumping around like crazy… You can tell they were active because I caught them on my crappy phone camera… If I’d only had my nice camera. Oh well, it was still very cool!

Boardwalk 2011

Of course we headed over to the Boardwalk. My youngest who is crazy for roller-coasters had a blast! we love coming in August because all the kids down here are in school so we get an empty park. 🙂

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Giant Dipper again…

Today is our last day in Watsonville. We had a few more tickets for the Boardwalk so we went over there this morning and I took my video camera with me on the roller coaster. I was only brave enough to hold it up for a little bit to capture the glee that my youngest was having on this ride. 😀

Another day at the beach.

Today we went for our last trip to the beach. The girls ran about in the waves a bit and got to watch a few seals swim past. Tomorrow we get back in the car for our drive home. It has been a great trip.

Since I’ll be driving tomorrow I won’t be adding any new beads to the Mart until next week. 😀