Tasty treats all week.

My daughter loves to bake and thank goodness our family likes to exercise becasue there was lots of yummy food this spring break! She made the beautiful cake, baklava, and eclairs. None of these photos capture how delicious everything was. I really liked all the treats, but especially the eclairs. I didn’t think that I liked eclairs but the one’s that she made were fantastic and I won’t be sharing just how many of them that I ate. 😉

Two cakes


Kiwi’s teacher had a birthday and she made two cakes just to make sure there was enough to go around. She is so nice!


Gingerbread houses from scratch.


We usually buy a kit from the store but this year Kiwi made them from scatch! She drew out the pattern and everything, and then she sized it down so that there was enough dough for her sister to make a house. Isn’t she clever?!

Halloween cookies… for me?


So my oldest is having a bake sale at her school and #2 was nice enough to make these super cute (and tastey) cookies. The question is, with them at school, how many can I eat before they notice some are missing?! Bwahahah! >:D Okay… I’ll be good, only one… well maybe two. 😉

Beef stroganoff


She is making me lunch… But she has a new question every two seconds. “What size spoon should I use?” “Is this water boiling?” “Is this a clove of garlic?” “How many ounces in a cup?” Doesn’t she know I’m a horrible cook? This could break bad…