Unicorn Bag

Ta-dah! I made my own beatle bag. I was not super impressed with the pattern… the coolest thing about the bag is the inserts, which are in fact very cool.

Of course there is my cool choice of fabrics… unicorns and rainbows! Soooo cool right?! 😉

Purse with a splash of purple.

It was my friends birthday and I actually finished the purse on time! Yeah!

It had some pockets inside…

and my tag of course. 🙂

Really Red Purse

Making purses again… I liked the big red flowers on this fabric…

Of course I added lots of pockets to help keep me organized…

I know, an organized purse, ha! This bag is kind of a bottomless pit, but I do like how it is large enough for my iPad. 🙂

Project tote

Can anyone ever have too many project totes? I don’t think so! My friend and I spent the day sewing together at Piece by Piece and this is what I whipped up! Too cute if I do say so myself… 😀

I can’t stop making purses!

I just love all the fabrics at my local quilt shop. I keep finding prints that inspire me which means I have to do something with them… namely… make purses! Not to mention I am in love with adding zippers everywhere. I used to be afraid of zippers but not now. In this latest hobo purse I put in three zippers and a pocket. After it was done I wished that the pocket was just another zipper. Ha!

On a glass note, you might be happy to know that DH got the WiFi working in my shop. (Can you believe I was living without it? No web access was certainly a bummer. It makes me so happy that he got it to work… he is so smart!) I should be out making beads again any day now. Alas… I guess I’ll have to take a short purse break. 🙂

Purses galore

Okay… I finally gave one of these AND had a pic to share! I’ve been making these great messenger bag purses for gifts this year. I love this style of purse and hopefully everyone else loves it too! Ha! I am also amused by the bag in a bag with my cute Duda tags… they are cute aren’t they?! Oh and did I mention I’ve been putting jewelry in the the little bag. How fun right! The gift just keeps on giving! Heehee…

Fish Purse

I got this cute pattern and I whipped up the purse! Yeah! I think it is super cute. I love this type of bag to throw on when I just need my phone and my wallet.

Of course I threw on one of my beads… Now I need to go make a few more so I can coordinate with my winter coats! Ha! Or maybe a few Christmas presents… we’ll have to see… 😀

Baubles baubled.

I added a little bling to my felted purse… I always like a little sparkle as you know. 🙂

Late nite sewing

I took a little time to sew myself a purse…

and of course my girls had to get into the action! They begged me to let them stay up late to finish their stuffed animals so that they could sleep with them. What could I say, of course I let them. 🙂

Beads on my purse.

I have seen beads EVERYWHERE this season. Hung on purses, jean belt loops, cell phones… everywhere! Well my favorite accent spot I have to say is the purse. You can see my purse below. I have to admit though that those large tabs are a bit heavy to lift around all day! The price we pay for fashion! 😀 Anyway, I’m working on making some light little add-ons to work as either a pendant or perhaps as a purse embellishment, your choice of course. I’ll have one later today with maybe another new auction… We’ll have to see how the afternoon goes. Happily everyone in my house is pretty calm today after the past festivities!! 😀