I’ve been drawing some colored pencil fruit.

Why am I cleaning the attic?

I had coffee at a friends house (Cynthia! :D) and it was so tidy that I apparently felt the need to go home and purge. I organized my attic space and got rid of four boxes. Yeah! And I found this self-portrait that I made in college. Now my back hurts and I need to go sit down…

Back in the swing of things again.

This week we got everyone back into the routine of things… more or less. However, I feel like I’m still recovering from summer, or maybe I should say the demands of summer. 🙂

Sunriver animation

What can I say… I’m still playing around with my new toy… and I already miss Sunriver! Sigh… But I’m back on track and I’ll have beads on Tuesday. Check back or sign up for my mailing list if you need a little reminder. 🙂

A little bit of nothing…

Did I mention that I just had to have an iPad? I saw all the artistic possibilities and I was hooked. So some of the “nothing” I’m doing this week includes drawing… I need to practice as I’m only a bit knowledgeable about some of these programs, but I’m having lots of fun playing around with them! It is sort of like how I doodle on my beads, except I’m chillin’ with a beer and a good movie. 🙂