Another Don?

It’s winter break at our house, I thought hey I’ll get another coffee on my walk, and I was “Donned” again. I think next time I’ll just say Sunrise. 😉

One more Don

Of course we couldn’t end the year without one more Don from Starbucks. Do you know any female Don’s??

Christmas walk

It was a beautiful day today so we went on a family walk.

She made it home.

Our freshman at MIT made it home for the first time after heading off to college. It was very nice to have everyone together again.

Portland for his birthday.

Here is my artsy Portland pic. My new haircut has a nice artsy vibe for photos. 🙂

It was fun to get away for the day. We ate too much and walked all over… as we usually do in Portland.

Happy Birthday Dude

He got this fabulous standing desk for his birthday. I have desk envy! It moves up and down with a motor and is super slick.

Garage sale complete.

Our neighbor was having a sale at the same time I was reorganizing my sewing room so I thought I better jump on the bandwagon. We got rid of everything that we put out. Most of it sold and then we donated the rest. My daughter was in charge of sales and she did a great job. Yay for purging! Now back to getting my sewing room organized. It has been a mess all week and it is kind of making me crazy!

Campus Tour

We came back to campus one last time hoping for some free MIT goodies for the parents and a campus tour. When we were checking in my daughter they gave her a backpack that had a unique plaid weave that she could scan and join some online app. Just what I expect from MIT!

The tour was nice, we even squeezed in one more visit with our daughter before we left. She seemed to be settling in which was nice.

I needed these tissue because we are not making it back for parents weekend. 🙁