My new fancy standing desk.

I just got a new standing desk with a motor, so really it is for standing or sitting. It is so cool! Those buttons on the end on the right, I just press those and it goes up and down. I can stand while I sew and I love it. I also got that cute ergo chair and the combo has made doing everything so much better. Being tall does have its drawbacks. With all the great colors of nail polish and the finished blocks in this photo my heart just does a little dance. It is my dream sewing (escape) room. 🙂

So I was putting my fancy new desk together and one of the screws would not go in the hole. I was getting frustrated so of course I checked in with Dude. He assessed that the hole had not been properly threaded. (I would have never figured that out.) We called Fully and they told us what tap to buy so that we could thread the hole properly. That is a tap in the photo just in case you also have never seen one. 🙂 I bought the tools, with my detailed list in hand of course, and we successfully got the screw to work. It only added a few hours to a job that should have been a snap, oh well. I’m just glad it got fixed and didn’t have to try to return it, that would have been a drag! Yay for my new desk!

Portland for his birthday.

Here is my artsy Portland pic. My new haircut has a nice artsy vibe for photos. 🙂

It was fun to get away for the day. We ate too much and walked all over… as we usually do in Portland.

Garage sale complete.

Our neighbor was having a sale at the same time I was reorganizing my sewing room so I thought I better jump on the bandwagon. We got rid of everything that we put out. Most of it sold and then we donated the rest. My daughter was in charge of sales and she did a great job. Yay for purging! Now back to getting my sewing room organized. It has been a mess all week and it is kind of making me crazy!

Campus Tour

We came back to campus one last time hoping for some free MIT goodies for the parents and a campus tour. When we were checking in my daughter they gave her a backpack that had a unique plaid weave that she could scan and join some online app. Just what I expect from MIT!

The tour was nice, we even squeezed in one more visit with our daughter before we left. She seemed to be settling in which was nice.

I needed these tissue because we are not making it back for parents weekend. 🙁

Boston Museum of Fine Art.

The museum was much larger than I expected and I enjoyed it. Especially this painting! Apparently cats were a “thing” even back then. 🙂

They had many of these rooms setup as they might have been originally. The furniture was so ornate and beautifully made.

Freedom Trail and a few boats.

Today we headed into Boston to check out the sites on the Freedom Trail. Having the brick line to follower helped us out more than once! 🙂

We saw some very old cemetaries. The gravestone below shows 1748! Wow… that is old. We saw tons of cool buildings and walked all over Boston. I really enjoyed it.

Then of course DH had to see the boats. We saw the USS Constitution which is the oldest still floating warship.

It was not made for tall people.

Next door was the USS Cassin Young which was a Destroyer from WW2.

Finally the end of our day and the end of the trail, Bunker Hill.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Who knew that Harvard had a Natural History Museum? It was rather impressive.

Here we are in the rock section. They had lots of rocks and they were gorgeous!

You can see how many rocks better in this photo.

Then there was a room of glass flowers that was insane! It was a collection of glass flower models that they could use to study. They were so perfectly made.

There were plenty of animal specimens from way back when and we of course liked the kiwi bird. 🙂

Dorm room.

Finally today we can move her into her room! Yay! I know we will see her again before we leave. She is ready to dive in and get started. Now we will be three toodling about Boston. I’m both excited for her… and sad. 🙁