Mug and bunny.


My youngest has started to make these super cute crocheted amigurumi dolls. The mug is going to be my new pin cushion. Aren’t they cute?! I think they are sooo cute. :)


Yearn to churn.

churn dash blocks

I didn’t have any time to sew yesterday! I did see lots of friends though, so that was nice.


I was going to add sashing to these quilt blocks… I even planned it, as you can see in my quilt notes above. ((Gotta use my iPad for something!)) However, the thought of cutting up a bunch of strips just didn’t strike my fancy, not to mention the quilt is already rather colorful! I think I have cut enough pieces to sew the remaining blocks so whippin’ them up should be a breeze. I know sashing can be nice because you don’t need to worry about points matching up, and I know my points won’t all match up… but you know what? Who cares! I’m just going with it. :)

Churn, churn, churn.

churn dash blocks

Sun is out today… I went to the early aerobics class and sewed all morning! I love gettin’ stuff done.

Just another dash.

churn dash blocks

Another dash of my churn dash blocks… heehee… these titles are gonna get real old, real fast!

Churnin’ again.

churn dash blocks

It’s a rainy day here… which makes it a perfect day for sewing. :)

Beats music


I love my new Beats Music subscription. We have found all kinds of new music. Sitar rockers?! Who knew! :) ((But let’s be clear, after two songs I was done with listening to rockin’ sitars.))

Finally… sewing in the shack.

churn dash blocks

Making more wild churn dash blocks. It is nice to have most everything moved.

Maui pics


We made it home. Before we left I did get a few more photos… lots of fun in the sun.

  • hawaii2014c
  • hawaii2014d
  • hawaii2014h
  • hawaii2014g
  • hawaii2014e
  • hawaii2014f
  • whale1c
  • whale1b
  • whale1a

Real whale today.


Today I saw a whale just splashing for fun right outside our room. First the tail is up…


then a splash.


Up again…


another splash.





It was pretty cool. The whale just kept splashing about. Apparently at the beach where the kids and Dude went the whales were breaching. Oh well, a whale playing right outside my room is pretty nice too.

Whale ahoy


I saw an awesome whale jumping about when I went on a little walk tonight. Unfortunately I only had my crappy phone to take the pic. :( So I didn’t even bother, I just came home and made up this photo… Heehee… Could you tell it was a fake?! My kids didn’t even see the black blob that I drew in the middle of the ocean as my faux whale so maybe you didn’t either? ((What else would that black blob be after I title the post “whales ahoy?!”)) After taking these I’m now spoiled. My long lens on my good camera does such a nice job. Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember it when I head out. ;)