Aimee – block 02

I didn’t want to do foundation piecing… I don’t know, I just don’t like it. Instead I decided to make freezer paper templates and sew all the little triangles together. Big fun! The edges might look a little off, but I mark the sewing lines on the back with a pencil so it should sew together nicely even if my seam allowance is off. :)

Fallout 4


I KNOW! What was I thinking? Things have been a little crazy here with getting my mom settled in and I just wanted something to take my mind off it all. Dude was playing Fallout 4 and wouldn’t stop talking about how awesome it is… so… you know how it goes, I had to try! And of course, it is kind of awesome. I’m going to pace myself though, and keep on track with the sewing… next week… after I get Pablo some better armor! Sheesh, what is he wearing? ;)