My blog broke… wahhhhh!

So I don’t know what happened but I lost about 2 months of posts. :( Needless to say I will be trying to re-create them. If you read this via a RSS feed or some other source the posts may look a little weird until I get it all worked out. Sigh…

Update: I turned off my feed so hopefully all of my “fixing” will go unnoticed! :)

Spikey sashing done.


Just look at that sashing! I can’t believe I pieced all those squares! I have had it sooo close to being done for quite some time. I was worried that I didn’t have enough fabric and instead of just doing it and finding out I sat on it. I know, lame right?!


Not too shabby…


What can I say?! I love the stats from my fitbit. :) I also found out that in 2014 I went to Jazzercise 138 times. Apparently you get a prize for 150 which I clearly missed, but I’m pretty sure it was because of my trip to Paris so how can I feel bad? Hopefully I’ll stay healthy in 2015 and do just as well.

Go Ducks!


The town is abuzz with the game tonight so I had to post something… and I might have been playing with the photo editor apps on my phone. :)

Tidy up all the bins.


Doesn’t this fabric iritate you? So messy right?! I don’t know what got me started but I felt the need to tidy up some of the fabric in my stash.


Sigh… much better righ?!