Super blood moon


It was pretty darn amazing. We couldn’t see it from our house so we actually drove to the nearest field with no trees and had a great view. I didn’t really think we’d see it so I didn’t bring my camera and tripod, which of course I regret. :( I got the crummy picture above with my phone, but whatever, the photo below, which my guy google got for me, pretty much shows exactly what we saw! Very cool!




I got to organizing my sewing room and yep, you guessed it… here I am tidying up my fabric again. I know I could just stop but I’ve made such a mess that I can’t stand it… Hopefully I’ll be done soon and back to actual sewing.



Here are some rusts that I think I’m going to use in my latest project. They are sitting on blocks that I need to assemble for another project. It was a leader & ender quilt that I started awhile back. I love the idea of working on a quilt in the “background” of other projects. I finally have all the blocks finished and now I need to assemble the rows… Of course I want to make the leader & ender for this year so I better get busy I guess! :)

Making progress…


Remember when I started drafting this pattern?! Finally I’m at a point where I can start using it. Jeez! It took a lot longer than I remembered to get it all marked up so that I can start cutting it apart. Oh well, its a process right? Not a race. I’m excited to finally be picking colors! Woohoo!

School is starting…


It’s the first day of school… I might need to take another photo because the girls are really both the same height, and my youngest might even be a bit taller, but here on the lawn you can’t tell. Not that anyone in our house is fretting over who is the tallest! ;)

Starting a new quilt.


Starting a new project. I’m drawing the design on freezer paper first, then I’ll use that as my pattern. I want to do something original to spice things up. I made a quilt like this oh about 16 years ago, before the kids arrived. I guess I took some time off to make a few beads, but now that I’m decked out with a machine that works so nicely I feel like I’m ready for something wild! Fingers crossed…