I was in the sew zone.

I was busy working on my Delilah blocks and I lost track of time. I had to run out of the house very behind schedule…

These are the shoes I grabbed to workout in. Whoops! Happily I lift weights so I was able to workout in my socks. Apparently turning 50 has it disadvantages too! 🙂

Longarm love

I think this longarm is headed my way. Woohoo for turning 50. 🙂

(Look at all those other longarms in the building! I wanna go visit Accomplished Quilting.)

Shades of brown?

I have these all in the brown bin… But not looking so brown in this pic! Still the color variety makes me happy. 🙂

White marking pencils.

I can’t stop rotating through them to see which I like best. I do think the white charcoal is the frontrunner. It makes a very visible line which my old eyes need! But now I’m thinking maybe I should try white pens. I’m drawing the sewing line so no one will see it… hmmm… 🙂

Binding it up.

I sewed on the binding… with only inches to spare. Whew!

Another Don?

It’s winter break at our house, I thought hey I’ll get another coffee on my walk, and I was “Donned” again. I think next time I’ll just say Sunrise. 😉

One more Don

Of course we couldn’t end the year without one more Don from Starbucks. Do you know any female Don’s??

Christmas walk

It was a beautiful day today so we went on a family walk.