Boldly black and white


With the heat you’d think I’d stop messing with my polish, but I just can’t! I was inspired by nails I saw on this site but apparently she is too creative because I can’t find them again. You can see them on my Pinterest board here

If only I could de-wrinkle my hands for these photos. I’m just a hard working mid-western gal at heart, what can I say, I don’t have pretty, prissy hands… just pretty, prissy nails. ;)

It is hot… too hot…


I really hate having no air conditioner… really I do. I have been sewing away on my quilt blocks even in this horrible heat. I am hardcore! ;) But let me just say… I am ready for the heat to leave. My kids are even more ready since it makes me so grumpy. I’ll take cold anyday. (Yes you can remind me of this in January!)


I’d love to see all my spikey star blocks on my quilt wall but the fan just knocks them off. Sigh… damn heat… go away! Okay… enough whining…

Blue Lake


I did it… Dude whined so we all went on a hike… in the heat! He swore it would be cooler in the mountains and it wasn’t. :( It did keep us busy so we didn’t sit at home in the heat, but I would have much rather gone and sat in a movie theater with the AC blowing.

So fun!

Purple nails

I love the gel polish! I keep thinking I have acrylic nails on because my polish stays on so well! I’m only getting about a week out of it so I might need to try another brand… But a week is still pretty amazing to me. I still need a little practice with my designs but I’m getting there… :)

Gel Polish


I took the plunge! I bought one of those UV lamps off of Amazon to try gel polish. I tried Gelaze Polish because it only has two steps where most of the others have three. There was a minor catastrophe when one of the lightbulbs came apart in my hands and I had to reassemble it (yeah for me!) to get it to work, I even had to re-bend the little wires… yikes. I’m not sure the UV lights are very high quality but they worked today! I’ll let you know how the polish holds up… :)


Oh yeah… That is my new wedding ring that I picked out. I think we should mix it up every twenty years don’t you? I thought that it looked simple and stylish. I was worried the wide band would be uncomfortable but it isn’t. Yay!

Beef stroganoff


She is making me lunch… But she has a new question every two seconds. “What size spoon should I use?” “Is this water boiling?” “Is this a clove of garlic?” “How many ounces in a cup?” Doesn’t she know I’m a horrible cook? This could break bad…