Crazy summer


It’s been a crazy summer. I moved my mom up to Eugene because we were worried about her well being. I’m glad she is up here, but I’m ready for less crazy…

Last ice cream.


My youngest and I loved these ice cream trucks! Soft-serve with sprinkles… yum! Since it was the last day, and I had never seen a double ice cream cone like this before, we convinced her to get a crazy double with all the toppings! She didn’t need much persuasion.


Farewell to our room. We are heading home today. It was a super busy week with lots of great memories… but I am a bit happy to be heading home. We all miss our space, the tiny apartment was great, for a week! :)

Fireworks in New York City.


You can see that it was crazy crowded! But the fireworks were amazing. Some of them exploded in the shapes of stars, or hearts, or even smiley faces! I really like the smiley faced ones! :)

Subway… again… and again…


Today we took the subway again to go shopping. I have to say, I’m won’t miss the subway.


After shopping we ended up near Time’s Square looking for an Italian restaurant. (It was so mobbed with tourists! It made me really appreciate our location which isn’t so crowded.) We had a restaurant all picked out with the help of our best friend Yelp… but of course it was closed for the holiday so we went to Scarlatto because it was nearby. It was raining and we messed up and took two subway trains to get there so by the time we arrived we just wanted food. I got the Vitello Saltimbocca which was pretty tasty.

Frick Collection and then more Luke’s!


Because we apparently can’t sit still… we went to another museum this afternoon. The Frick Collection wasn’t too far from our room. We couldn’t take photos inside but it had paintings by Rembrandt, Degas, Monet, Vermeer, Velazquez, and Renoir just to name a few. It was a great exhibit because it was mostly the personal collection of Henry Frick in the house as he had it when he lived there. Pretty nice digs!


After the museum we had to go and get some dinner. Finally we hit up Luke’s Lobster again… sooooo good. :)