Orange is the new black, I mean orange.

Fringe earrings anyone? I made these for my daughter which is why they are on the shorter side. Long was too crazy she said. I however, want some long ones to go with my new dye job. This pink faded so fast! Next time I’m going to only color like the bottom two inches and then maybe I can do a little of the upkeep myself. We shall see… At any rate I need some fun colorful earring for my impending colorful hair. :)

Cookin’ with gas!

Did you know that nymo bead thread is stretchy and fireline isn’t? After making many of these bracelets and getting different lengths even though I used the same number of rows, I finally figured out that the string was my problem. Now I’m getting conistent lengths and so I’m whipping out the bracelets quickly. Woohoo… :)