Cookin’ with gas!

Did you know that nymo bead thread is stretchy and fireline isn’t? After making many of these bracelets and getting different lengths even though I used the same number of rows, I finally figured out that the string was my problem. Now I’m getting conistent lengths and so I’m whipping out the bracelets quickly. Woohoo… :)

Birthday party… early of course.


Girls came over, there was cake, fun, movies… the usual. :) Of course my youngest had her party early because we have learned, no one is in town in August!


She made herself this absolutely awesome cake! She is such a good baker. I’m pretty sure it will be gone by the end of the weekend. YUM!


Class of 2020 has been promoted.


Last night we watched our youngest get promoted from 8th grade. Woohoo! Our tiny baby who is 5’11-1/2″ (You know I need to include that 1/2 because my other daughter is 5’11” and we are serious about our height around here… :D ) stood taller than most of the other kids in the school. It made it easy to spot her in the crowd. I can’t believe I’m going to only have high schoolers next year. Yikes!


It was a happy evening for everyone!