delilah block 8

Really it is block 8-ish. 🙂 I’m chugging away on lots of projects and forget to take photos, but I do like to throw them up on the web because it helps me feel like I’m getting stuff done. Woot!

My new fancy standing desk.

I just got a new standing desk with a motor, so really it is for standing or sitting. It is so cool! Those buttons on the end on the right, I just press those and it goes up and down. I can stand while I sew and I love it. I also got that cute ergo chair and the combo has made doing everything so much better. Being tall does have its drawbacks. With all the great colors of nail polish and the finished blocks in this photo my heart just does a little dance. It is my dream sewing (escape) room. 🙂

So I was putting my fancy new desk together and one of the screws would not go in the hole. I was getting frustrated so of course I checked in with Dude. He assessed that the hole had not been properly threaded. (I would have never figured that out.) We called Fully and they told us what tap to buy so that we could thread the hole properly. That is a tap in the photo just in case you also have never seen one. 🙂 I bought the tools, with my detailed list in hand of course, and we successfully got the screw to work. It only added a few hours to a job that should have been a snap, oh well. I’m just glad it got fixed and didn’t have to try to return it, that would have been a drag! Yay for my new desk!