Perfecting your craft.

Hmmm… I thought that this was an interesting topic and here is my 2cents… So we all know that there is no perfection. Art is subjective and that follows to glass beads and jewelry, everyone has their own taste. This makes me ask what does perfecting your craft mean? I don’t think that perfecting your craft is just practice, but continuously challenging yourself with new tools or materials. Recently I leaped into boro glass after many years of saying “Why do people make boro beads?” It just seemed stiff to work with, and expensive to buy. But I saw a few that I found intriguing and I thought what the heck, I should try it. So I got a new larger torch, I got some fancy glasses, I lugged a heavy 02 tank to my house, and I bought some glass (hmmm… now maybe I understand why I was hesitant to try it! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and although there was a big learning curve, I am quite happy that I tried it and that I continue to work with it. I finally feel a level of comfort with 96 COE glass, boro, and soft glass that is very satisfying. I can bounce around between the three to try a wide variety of ideas which keeps it all interesting to me. (Here is a tip, I keep all my “working rods” sorted on cookie sheets.) So now I have to think, what should be my next challenge? I’m kind of eyeing a sandblasting box, but DH seems to think that would be bad (too messy… Don’t worry, he often thinks my ideas are crazy, until they work! Ha!)… so perhaps it is time to either learn PMC or more silverwork… the choices are just endless and I’m quite happy about that! I’m also pretty darn happy to have people interested in my craft, you all rule! ๐Ÿ˜€