Giving it a try…

I stumbled across this site which is sort of an attempt to link blogging lampworkers together on topics, which I think is an interesting idea. Lately I’ve been having some trouble coming up with topics, I feel that I often blab about my kids which are certainly more interesting to me than anyone who stops by to visit and so I thought that I might give this a try. 😀

The Flaming Hot topic this week was naming your bead sets. Personally I feel that the best time to focus on the beads is while I’m making them. I give each little gem my full attention while I wrap the molten glass around the mandrel, shape it, and give it color. I’m in sync with each bead while I’m in the design process so that once it is cool hopefully I (and you) will love it. Once the bead leaves the happy shop and enters the often chaotic house where I clean it, sort them, photograph them, price them, upload them… among other household duties, you know laundry dishes etc… somehow the happy vibe that was there when I made each set is gone. I guess that I just like making them more than naming them.

I do love names though. I can remember when I was a kid I “collected” them and wrote every name I could think of in this little notebook… clearly I didn’t realize that such books existed with more names than I could ever think of! So it seems only natural that I’d use real names for my beads. This way I can enjoy the name search for about 10 seconds which seems just about right to me when I have 15 sets looking up at me waiting for their web debut. 🙂