Ferris Wheel.

So the Lane County Fair is here. Dude and I were hoping to skip it and that the kids would somehow not find out it was in town. My girls are in pirate camp this week and along with many other activities the week is basically booked. Of course the cat got let out of the bag in camp and my youngest came dancing up to me one day with a big ol’ grin asking “Mom, guess what?! The fair is in town! Can we go?” Since Dude and I had discussed this I said “Nope, we are too busy this week.” Once we got home there was a grand display of crying and whining by both girls, and as the good parents that we are, we gave in and said they could go… 🙂 My youngest just HAD to go on the ferris wheel. Once they got there did she go on it? No… probably a good thing… Anyway, they went, had tons of fun and I wish I had some pictures because apparently they did go on some crazy rides and I can just imagine the look of glee/terror on their faces!