Oh yeah… I have an auction ending tonight.

I have a cool set of boro beads over on ebay. Check ’em out if you have a minute.

I’m enjoying the reactions that I am getting with boro glass right now. Did you know that those glass colors like Van Gogh, Picasso, Da Vinci, etc. were developed by Abe Fleishman from Northstar. Northstar mostly makes boro color, and this is their line of 104 soft glass.

I guess it isn’t surprising that the silver craze is carrying over into the soft glass since many of the boro colors that are so cool have lots of silver in them too. Right now I seem to have more success with boro than these new 104COE silver colors. I get very mixed results with these soft glass silver colors, one day it all works great, and the next it doesn’t… and of course I find this quite frustrating. I don’t seem to have this problem with boro, it does what I expect each time which is quite nice. 😀 Right now the hardest part with boro is keeping all the rods straight since many of them don’t look anything like what they do in a bead. Anyway, I’m just having tons of fun playing with all kinds of glass as usual! If you can melt it I must try it!!