Have you got your iPhone yet?

All the hype! How can we resist? Only $600! Such a deal! HA! Oh well… I love my little cameraphone which isn’t quite so fancy, I take pictures with it more than I actually call people. I did buy a gadget recently, I purchased some wireless headphones so that I can hear movies better in my studio. My generator and hood make quite the racket so I thought I’d see if some better headphones would help. I love them! They work SO well that I often spook myself when I watch anything suspenseful. I hear some soft creak and I swear someone is in the room withe me and then I realize it is the movie, I’m not used to hearing ALL the sound effects. Heehee… Anyway, I’m enjoying a cool day of rain while I melt a little glass. Hope you are enjoying your day too. 😀