Another day in paradise.

So lets see, first we went to Benham Falls (shown above) and then we went to check out Lava Butte. I have decided that part of why I love Eastern Oregon is because it is mostly flat which means no crazy hikes which DH is partial to. Checking out the falls was a nice easy walk and then at Lava Butte, which was right next door, we got to drive to the top and walk around the edge of the cinder cone. It was simply gorgeous! Of course I forgot my camera but you could see for miles because we were so high up, like 500 feet above the surrounding area. There were oh so many pine trees and a few snow capped mountains to admire. Then at the base of the cinder cone you could see the path that the lava took, it was very cool! Anyway, we came home for lunch and a little lounging and then we were off for another bike ride. What a wonderful day!