It is getting close!

So the scoop is I’m going on vacation in just a few days! Woohoo! I am of course getting all the last minute details ironed out, getting everything ready for the house sitter, writing down all the details so that the grandparents know everything there is to know about the wee ones… Oh yeah, did I mention that it is a vacation without the girlies! When I make myself let go of all the mom guilt I have to say I am very excited!! It is our first trip without the kiddos since they came around! I do think that it will be great, they are old enough now to manage for six days and they think time with the grandparents will be fabulous so it is a win-win deal if you ask me. 😀 Anyway, you know me, the gadget junkie… I will of course blog from my cell phone, and we might even have a laptop to use… so stay tuned to see just how much fun I have!!