Car time.

One takes piano, and then the other… so we are forced to amuse ourselves in the car. Really, it isn’t so bad except the lessons start at 3pm which I think must be the hardest part of the day for me (especially when my youngest woke me up at 2:30 last night… sigh…) I hope my girls still like piano when they are older. My theory on getting them to take it while they are young is first, they will, and second, their brains are like little sponges, so in an effort to have something other than TV in there, they take piano. Anyway, today, thank goodness for the little drawing program on the DS. 😀

Hey, did you see, I’m plugging away on the store. You can now see the items that sold out, in case you didn’t stop by early yesterday. I’ll have more next week. Enjoy your evening!!