Are you ready for 2007?

My family left me to go off and play near the ocean and I have been enjoying the solitude. Okay, I had some friends over last night which was quite fun, but otherwise I have been finishing up this and that. Finally got my holiday card done (yikes!) and I am working on changes to my store. The inventory woes were just bugging me so I have decided to use another provider. I’m not sure if I will change the store over this week or next… Hopefully on your end most everything will still look the same… Although I have enhanced the payment options so that should make things easier for everyone! 😀 Of course you will still be able to find my store at Anyway, I need to go check back on my garden in Viva Pinata and actually make some beads today! This doing nothing bit over the last few weeks has beeen wonderful. It might take me awhile to remember how to actually do something. Heehee… 🙂