I want a pink tree!

I really want a pink tree… okay, I found this aqua tree that I really want, but it is a bit out of my price range for a tree I might have up for only a few weeks. Plus, I can’t really tell how cheezy it is over the web, so if I got it, and it was horrible I’d be sad… Therefore, I have settled for a very economical silver tree. 😀 When I actually put up my tree, oh about December 24th… okay, maybe the 20th… I’ll share a photo. I’m not rushing into anything this year! Last year I put it up after Thanksgiving and my kids were over the top nuts about the holiday from the moment I put it up! So to spare my sleep schedule and my sanity I am waiting to put up the tree. (It does seem to be keeping our household calmer…) In the meantime I found this pretty picture. I tell ya’, those people over at flickr are just so darn talented!!