Next week… earrings and Biagi style beads.

WOW! Christmas is getting close so I have decided to focus on earring pairs that will work super swell with my interchangeable earring findings. My beads with that finding will make a great gift! I’m also going to have more Biagi style beads… Those are great if you know someone with that style of bracelet. If you need anything shipped super fast, just ask. I live nice and close to the post office which makes shipping a breeze. I went yesterday and I was amazed at just how many people came in with stuff to mail and no box or anything! It was mildly annoying, I took some glee that my youngest was using the priority mail machine as her entertainment… šŸ˜€ She just had fun pressing buttons… Anyway… that is my plan! Hope you are ticking off tasks on any holiday list you might have!!