Where does the time go?!

I don’t know what happened to yesterday! I tell ya’, it is like everyone has finally realized summer is almost over and all this STUFF is getting scheduled at the last minute… sigh… Happily I feel like I got all my goals done already and I’m rather pleased with how fun our summer has been. Woohoo! I do have a big birthday this weekend, my youngest turns five so I need to get that all organized. So far I think we are good, the party on Sunday has lots of kids coming which I feel is the most important part of any birthday. CLEARLY I have fallen out of my listing routine and I am working to try to get back into it. 😀 I am just so busy making goodies it is hard to tear myself away to list stuff. I made some fun murrine pendants yesterday… hopefully I can list them one of these days, sheesh!! Anyway, hope you are doing great!!