Bracelet to share.

My blog seems to be back! Woohoo! I have no idea what those boys over at Netfirms were doing but for once it wasn’t me! Really, I didn’t touch anything! Anyway, I thought I’d share this photo before I left on my trip. I love it!! Hopefully you do too because I have lots of ideas running around in my head for more designs. Yesterday I made some fuschia boro beads that are SO yummy! If I weren’t heading outa town I’d be out there making beads right now! Anyway, I’m very proud of the clasp in this bracelet. I soldered all the parts that were in need of some permanent attachment on both the hook and the endcaps. I think it really adds nicely to the bracelet. Well, I better go pack. I leave tomorrow until sometime late next week. I’m driving down to California with my girls while DH stays home to hold down the fort. Wish me luck! I’ll probably need it! 🙂