Another auction soon.

I have that very pretty pink flower pendant still truckin’ and I’ll try to list another auction tonight or tomorrow. I’ve been making beads but with the heat by about noon I’m just spent and then the kids are around which just makes everything more difficult. I have to admit that I’ve been watching a few TV programs this summer. Big Brother is very amusing with the “all-stars” returning and acting just as badly as they did before. I also really enjoy Project Runway. It is one of my favorite shows because I like watching people with skill actually make something. (Hmmm, must be why I watch the Food Network yet I don’t cook…) It just amazes me how they just whip garments up! Maybe we need a Project Lampwork… HA! Of course I have also been making some jewelry. I really enjoy making beads with specific jewelry designs in mind, often I don’t stick to the design and new ideas take over, but it is a fun starting point. Anyway, of course you saw my animation below, that is just the tip of the iceburg. I have decided I need a front page for my site. I’m worried new people think I just babble and don’t make stuff! So I’m gonna try to highlight the different parts of my site a bit more. In general the days are flying by so fast it is a little disturbing… sigh… but it is all good! Below are a few shots from the park yesterday. Hope you are having some fabulous summer fun as well. 😀