Time just flies!!

Whew! The days are just zipping by! Camp, library, swimming, corn on the cob… 😀 Just what you think might be part of a summer day. Today I snuck out to Art and the Vineyard which is a local celebration where lots of artisans come to sell their wares. I of course had to snap up a couple of items. I was quite impressed by the wire wrapping skills on the cab. Then the the quote on the silver pendant simply made me smile so I had to grab it. Apparently the quote is from Goethe. I bought it because it made me think, if I just hold my ground with my kids, the additional troops will arrive shortly! Heehee… I only wish! Anyway, the Mart update this week is very small. I’ll try to have more next week… but summer is just more mellow around here and I’m sort of enjoying using a bit of my time to try out the boro and other new ideas. I hope that you are also able to enjoy some lazy summer days!!